Firearm Dealers (Gun Shops)

  • Hunters can search for the gunshop closest to them using the Go2Hunt web application to purchase hunting rifles and equipment
  • Gunshops will be able to provision expertise to help prospective buyers to select and by the correct caliber rifle or shotgun or handgun or bow for a particular type of hunt
  • Hunters can visit the gunshop to obtain the best advice on the selection of a suitable hunting caliber rifle for a particular species or for plainsgame for example
  • Hunters can go to gunshops to obtain bow and arrow hunting equipment if they intend to hunt with a bow searching for a suitable gunshop that stocks bow hunting equipment using the Go2Hunt web application
  • Hunters will have access to expertise at the gunshops for example ballistic computer programs to calculate the optimum load for a hunting rifle. This will save a lot of time and powder with regard to load development
  • If hunters do ammunition reloading, they will be able to purchase reloading equipment and components from the selected gunshops. Please note that due to COVID19 the average shipping costs for firearms and components have risen by 40% since March 2020.