Strategic Focus

The hunting of game animals is very popular in South Africa. It generates between R4 Billion and R8 Billion a year annually. Overseas hunters usually book through an outfitter for their hunts in Southern Africa and specifically South Africa. There is a gap for an over encompassing web application that brings hunters, hunting farm land owners, shooting ranges and firearms dealers (gun shops) together in a single application. Go2Hunt does exactly that.

Each prospective hunter who wishes to hunt in South Africa will start their journey by visiting their closest gun shop to obtain a rifle for hunting or a bow if they want to hunt with a bow. The expertise available at gun shops are professional and should guide the prospective hunter in the choice of caliber and what type of game he or she wants to hunt. The gun shops will also be able to provide ample information on the selection of a suitable bow for hunting as well.

Once the prospective hunter has a rifle that has been licensed as an occasional hunter or dedicated hunter then he or she can prevail on the shooting range to develop suitable hunting loads and test the rifle for accuracy and zeroing the rifle at a specific distance e.g. 100 meters. Gun shops and shooting ranges may also provide access to ballistic computer programmes to enable the prospective hunter to have an optimum load calculated before hunting starts. This saves a lost of time and money in terms of load development and can now be used in the hunting field. Once the load has been developed and the rifle zeroed, the prospective hunter can now use Go2Hunt to find a suitable hunting destination based on various criteria.

For the first time the hunting experience will be spatially enabled through the use of w web map viewer and the prospective hunter will be able to seen and evaluate a particular hunting farm at the click of a mouse button. The prospective hunter will then be able to book the hunt directly with the land owner using Go2Hunt web application. The same process applies for bow hunting as well. Go2Hunt will bring together the hunter, land owner, shooting range and gunshop in a single application that will be a first in South Africa. The Go2Hunt web application is developed by hunters for hunters in South Africa. It caters for the local South African hunter.